120g Premium A4 Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper


1.Work on all inkjet printers

2.heat sublimation paper which specialized for Sublimation Ink.

3. bright and white (not pure white)

4.Printed photo can be kept over 80 years and Washable

5.Absolutely flat and smooth

6.High-end inkjet media

7.One side printed

8.Widely used on not pure cotton stuffs 

1.Thick microporous coating brings strong ink absorption;

2.Outstanding lay-flat performance and Strong weather resistance;

3.Matching inks are highly adaptable and support Sawgrass ink printing.

Dye sublimation printing is becoming increasingly important in the textile market, with applications ranging from fashion and sportswear over to home decor and soft signage.It dri es extremely fast, holds ink very well and as a result minimizes ghosting.

FASHION : T-Shirts Shorts,Scarves,Dresses,Skirts,Blouses etc.

SPORTSWEAR: Swim trunks,Swim suits,Bikinis,Sport shirts,Sport shorts,Tricots etc.

HOME DECOR : Upholstery,Decorative cushions,Curtains,Bed Linen,Table cloths etc.

SOFT SIGNAGE : Banners,Flags,Displays, Exhibition walls


Dye sublimation onto hard substrates is becoming more and more popular because of its MERCHANDISE :Mugs,Coasters,Key rings,Ceramic tiles,Mobile phone covers etc.

PHOTO PANELS & LARGE FORMAT SIGNAGE : Photo panels,Interior design panels,Gallery art, Architecture design panels,Table tops,Furniture etc. outstanding photo-imaging quality and the possibilities for customization.

This includes products such as skis,snowboards,photo panels,mugs and merchandise articles.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT : Skis,Snow boards,Surf boards,Skate boards etc.

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